2016 Summer Programs

Boston Patio Playhouse is pleased to offer our popular summer programs again in 2016! 

Students receive training in voice, acting, dancing, and backstage skills, while working towards a final performance tailored to the students.

Boston Backyard Opera
Tuesday, July 5-15, 9am-4pm
Coolidge Corner, Brookline
Ages 12-18


Boston Backyard Opera is our program for students interested in opera and classical musical theater. 

Front Porch Players
August 1-12, 9am-4pm
Coolidge Corner, Brookline
Ages 11-18


Front Porch Players is our Broadway group for students who love classical and contemporary musical theater. 

Class Descriptions


Voice: We teach healthy, age-appropriate singing techniques for a free, beautiful sound. Students will work on strenghtening breath control, opening up the voice, and reducing tension while singing.


Dance: The dance class will focus on dance styles that apply to musical theater and opera performance. Some days students will receive training in the basics of styles such as ballet or jazz, while other days they will learn a style such as Waltz. Some dance classes will also be dedicated to learning choreography for the final performance.


Sample Daily Schedule
9:00-9:15 Group warm-up activity
9:15-10:15 Dance Class
10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-11:30 Acting Class
11:30-12:30 Specialty Class with a Guest Artist
12:30-1:15 Lunch (Bring your own)
1:15-4:00 Production Rotation

Acting: In their acting class, students will work on improvisation and acting methods, and will practice acting short scenes or monologues. Students will also spend time practicing acting while singing.


Specialty Class: This class will vary day-to-day, and will include activities such as:
Guest Performances
Stage Makeup Workshop
Stage Combat Workshop
Audition Prep


Production: Students will split into three rotating groups during their rehearsals for the final performance. One group will work vocally with the music director, another will work on staging with the director, and others will help create props, costumes, and set pieces.

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